Knee Popping But I ain't Stopping


 I was out walking today. It was a beautiful day.

 I noticed a popping sound. I thought it was my shoe string popping on the ground. So I looked down and it wasn't my shoe strings. So I walked on…

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Found something I wasn't looking for " AMAZON "


I got involved with Amazon several years ago hoping they could help me distribute T-shirts and my merchandise across the world.. 

  I only wanted to do a handful of designs. Then they stepped me up to more. Looks like I'm…

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Dreaming those ghetto dreams lastnight

I had a ghetto dream last night . I was walking through the project last night carrying my guitar case. I was a little nervous because people were watching me in the project. As I walked down the street a…

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What is the Future of the Blues in 2023 ?


 The future of Blues music looks promising. More and more young musicians are influenced by the Blues and are incorporating it into their own musical styles. Check out the King Biscuit Blues Festival lineup from 2022. This has helped to…

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Sanitize that tip jar


 Good morning Blues people . I woke up looking forward to going to play on Bridge Street. It is so much fun being outside playing with the kids. It looks like the rain has stopped for now. I got rained…

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The car thief got caught


 I looked all over for the little cats. “Here kitty kitty. Here kitty kitty”  I was calling everywhere. Then I said “Maybe it's gone over to the neighbor's house. Or maybe it's gotten hurt somewhere and can't get back”. I…

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The cats are so lazy today. They Got Blues.


 These cats feel like I do. Lazy. They just want to chill and lay around all day. I know that feeling today. The rain coming down makes today feel so laid back. The cats went out in the rain and…

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Bridge Street Towne Center is back !


 Back on Bridge Street again .I forgot a lot of the songs that I used to play. Some people are asking me about hula hoops. I don't want to try hoops yet until I get a feel  for how management…

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Bridge Street Mall is ready to Boogie


  It felt good to be back at Bridge Street. I saw a few of my old friends stopping in to say hello to me. That was so special. I love my Blues people. 

  They survived the pandemic. The stores have…

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