Periscope Ric's Blues Room COMMENTS 5.24.20

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pam safford 

2020-07-04 00:11:08 

hello Ric  


pam safford 

2020-07-04 00:11:11 

@michael7773 hello  


pam safford 

2020-07-04 00:11:18 

@Jkiolant4508 hello  


2020-07-04 00:11:23 

@cprettybrown706 hey@,  



2020-07-04 00:11:26 

Hi Mr Ric  




Periscope ( Ric's Blues Room COMMENTS 5.21.20 ) Ladies Night

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2020-06-11 05:17:47 

HI Ric  


pam safford 

2020-06-11 05:17:47 

hello Ric  


pam safford 

2020-06-11 05:17:51 

@sheri_scary hello beautiful sister  



2020-06-11 05:17:55 



pam safford 

2020-06-11 05:17:58 

@icela7 hello…


Periscope ( Ric's Blues Room COMMENTS 5.19.20 )

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pam safford 

2020-06-15 21:14:02 

hello Ric  


Steve Hipp 

2020-06-15 21:14:04 



pam safford 

2020-06-15 21:14:07 

@blessinn2020 hello beautiful sister  


Richard Petrowski 

2020-06-15 21:14:07 

hi ric  



2020-06-15 21:14:07 


Blues Room Periscope Comments 4.2.20


Comments for Broadcast: 🌹Ladies Night BLUES 4.2.20🌹#Music #Blues #Periscope #covid19 



2020-05-06 04:12:23 

Asalaam Aleikum  



2020-05-06 04:12:35 

Hey Ric!! Hey everyone!!  


Shawna Gibbs 

2020-05-06 04:12:44 



2020-05-06 04:12:51 

Good evening  



2020-05-06 04:12:52 

Or Bacon salami if you’re…

Big ass Snake , Can you see it ?


I pulled up into my driveway the other day and my son and I were unloading groceries from the car. I looked over in the trees beside me and I noticed this big stick. it didn't look like a stick,…

Why you wearing that mask fool ?


If wearing a mask cuts down on the transmission of the coronavirus from one person to another, I wonder why more people don't wear them. Seems our government would require them for every citizen. No questions asked. 

   I was out…

Big George Brock Harmonica Master RIP


 I had great respect for Mr. George Brock as a man, and as a harmonica player. When big George played harmonica people paid attention. He was a Big man, tall, I see how he earned the name Big George Brock…

Got Covid 19 Blues, Looking for Leadership ?


  I just don't see the leadership. Too much confusion. People have talked in the news, In the communities there's confusion. The reason for the confusion is the lack of leadership. And lack of clarity. I'm seeing governors in different states…

Blues Festivals Dried Up ..On Lockdown Temporarily


 Some of my musician Friends have been telling me about being out of work due to the Covid19 virus . Some have been out on the road playing but now it's all gone dry. Here's a list that I’ll share…

CoronaVirus Blues Simplified 



 Have you ever had a conversation  with someone and they spit in your face while talking ? Of course we all have.  Have you ever sneezed and you notice little droplets on the table where you sneezed…

Whats in a Handshake ?


 I went to visit my uncle today. He's about 87 years old and lives alone. I went to check on him today after the tornado storm that went through last night. His hearing is bad so I had to knock…

Stress or Virus Both are some serious Shit !


My homeboy called me this morning. He was stressed out like a MoFo about the coronavirus. He talked about a lot of bullshit things and tried to small talk his way through the conversation but it was apparent he was…