I Had a fun time at the Crossroads

  Good morning blues people im coming straight from the heart of Clarksdale, Mississippi. Last night was a blast, you all missed a good ol' time, that was the VIP party for the Women’s in Blues Festival.

 Things started off with a shindig. The second annual Women in Blues Festival is set for tomorrow, April 18, right behind Lavon's Restaurant in downtown Clarksdale. But last night, we got a little taste of what’s to come, and man, it was so sweet.

  Now, you know a blues party ain’t right without some spirits. Clarksdales Cat Head Vodka and Delta Dirt Distillery from Helena got your back. They were pourin' the good stuff, and you better believe I was first in line. Over at the Cat Head booth, they let us mix our own drinks. I threw together some lime, lemon, and a handful of rocks. Dropped a whole dang lemon in there too. —Hell Yeah.  It's a blues party! 

  Tom from Delta Dirt Distillery brought out his brand new Delta Roots Bourbon. It was his first batch, and let me tell ya, that stuff was so smooth it disappeared faster than a dollar at a dice game. If you missed it, keep your eyes peeled come summer for the second batch.

  But let's get to the funky stuff—the music. Angel and Cashes Juke Joint Duo started off with some raw  blues that got things movin'. These two got  a chemistry that’s hotter than Mississippi. Then, the Reverend Slim stepped up with his bass, laying down grooves so deep, you’d think you’d struck oil. The crowd was feelin' it, swayin' and groovin'..And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Lucius Spiller strutted on stage. That man sings like he's making a deal with the devil himself. Every note he hit was pure fire, and the crowd ate it up like Mama's home cookin'.

  Last night was the warm-up, baby. Tomorrow, we’re gettin' the main course with the Women’s Blues Festival. It’s all goin' down right behind Lavon's Restaurant, and if it’s anything like last night, it’s gonna be fire.

  If you're anywhere near Clarksdale, you best get down here. The music, the drinks, the people—it’s all part of the magic that makes this place the home of the blues.

Have you ever been to Clarksdale ?

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