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Ride Sally Ride that lawn tractor 

  Today was a busy day filled with grass cutting. As a blues musician, I have multiple properties to take care of, and keeping the grass trimmed is just one of the tasks on my to-do list. It's a different kind of rhythm that helps me find solace and clears my mind amidst the hustle and bustle of summer life in AL. Hot as a mofo sometimes

  Maintaining multiple properties means I have my fair share of grass to trim and maintain. While I often find solace in songwriting, most of the time, it's just me out there, trimming and cutting grass. It's a labor of love that keeps me grounded and connected with the physical world around me. And its exercise .

One of the things that make the time go by better is listening to podcasts while I work. I pop in some earbuds and tune in to different shows, allowing my mind to wander and soak in new information and perspectives. It's amazing how much knowledge and entertainment you can absorb while riding on that lawn mower. Ride and learn time .

Speaking of mowers, my faithful companion on these grass-cutting expeditions is a little John Deere that has been with me for the past 20 years. its my dads old mower.  It has served me well over the years, but I know that eventually, I'll need to invest in a new one. However, for now, this mower still gets the job done. I hope to squeeze another year or two out of it before getting an upgrade.

Grass-cutting season is a busy time of year, but I am truly grateful for the opportunity to do this work. It allows me to stay connected with nature and appreciate the simple joys of maintaining a well-kept property. As I navigate through the grass, I can't help but think of my fans and supporters. The thought of them keeps me company while I'm riding that hot ass lawnmower, and I'm grateful for their support.

If you ever find yourself needing to cut grass, remember that you're not alone. We all have our tasks and responsibilities to tend to. And in those moments, find solace in music, podcasts, or whatever brings you joy and helps the time pass by a little smoother. It's a small reminder that even in the midst of everyday chores, there's room for a touch of inspiration and rhythm. Ride Sally Ride

Well, it's time for me to get back to work. The grass won't cut itself, and there's plenty to do. As I hop on that lawnmower and dive into the sea of green, I'll be thinking of you all, my dear diary, and the incredible journey I'm on as a blues musician. Until next time, keep the Blues alive. Do you have to cut grass sometimes ?

WTF these Blues VIP tokens all about ? 


As a blues artist, my journey has been filled with memorable encounters and cool relationships. Since I started live streaming in the fall of 2015, I've had the pleasure of connecting with fans from all walks of life. Little did I know that these virtual connections would evolve into a global network of friends. However, when I discovered the concept of social tokens, I realized that there was an opportunity to deepen these relationships and engage my fans on a whole new level. James Brown said “  Make it funky !

  Over the years, my loyal fans have become more than just listeners; they have become friends. Through their frequent visits to my broadcasts, we developed a unique bond. It didn't take long for me to realize that these connections were not limited by physical boundaries. I now have friends and supporters scattered across the country and around the world. The rapport we built is something I cherish, and I wanted to find a way to enhance it further. So I was thinking on it.

  When I first heard about social tokens, I saw them as an innovative tool to strengthen my relationship with fans. The idea was simple: if I could be in the same room with someone, I could give them a token. These tokens could then be accumulated by engaging with my content, such as listening to my records, attending my shows, or interacting with me in various ways. Eventually, fans would be able to redeem these tokens for merchandise or special events. That's a cool idea

  Excited by the possibilities, I decided to embark on this experiment with social tokens. I understood that the more my fans participated in my economy and helped with promotion, the more tokens they could earn. The engagement and depth of connection that these tokens could bring were intriguing to me, and I knew it was worth a try. Although I faced initial rejections from three companies, the persistence paid off when I found a partner who believed in the concept. Try Roll opened the door for me.

  The company that accepted my proposal issued a special allotment of tokens for me, which I named the BVIP token. With these tokens, I began to witness the early signs of stronger relationships and increased fan engagement. While many in the crypto world focus on financial aspects, my primary goal was to build an engaged fan base. The BVIP tokens were not for sale; instead, fans could earn them by actively interacting with my content.

 To earn more BVIP tokens, fans can visit my YouTube channel, follow me on Instagram or Facebook, and actively participate in promotions featured on my website. By rewarding the most engaged fans, I aimed to foster a sense of community and appreciation among those who have shown unwavering support. It is not solely about profit but about deepening the connection and providing additional value to my dedicated audience.

  As I continue this journey, I am beginning to witness the potential of social tokens. The future of the BVIP tokens holds promise, not just for the music but also for the relationships they help nurture. By embracing this innovative concept, I am building a network of engaged fans who are as passionate about my music as I am. It's an exciting path to explore, and I can't wait to see where it takes us.

  Social tokens have opened up new avenues for Blues musicians like me to forge deeper connections with fans. By rewarding engagement and offering exclusive benefits, we can build vibrant communities that extend far beyond geographical boundaries. The BVIP tokens, earned through active participation, serve as a testament to the dedication of my fans. As I continue this journey, I look forward to nurturing these relationships and witnessing the growth of an engaged fan base. Together, we embark on an exciting future, where music and connection come together at the bank.

My Lights Got Cut Off ! Damn  


Last night some crazy shit happened while I was fast asleep—it was a moment that sparked a deep reflection within me. I woke up to find that my lights had been cut off. As I regained my senses, I realized I had heard —the sudden silence as the AC shut down, the darkness enveloping my house. It was a disconcerting feeling. What the fuck !

  I thought it might have been a power outage caused by a passing storm. The clouds outside seemed to suggest that possibility. But deep down, I knew there was another reason. It dawned on me that I had been procrastinating on paying my utility bill. The time had finally caught up with me, and my negligence had led to this situation. Ain't this some shit .

   In those moments of uncertainty, as I waited for the lights to return, I had a profound realization. I began to reflect on the nature of procrastination and its consequences. I understood that this behavior transcended just paying bills—it was a reflection of how I approached various aspects of my life. I had fallen into the habit of waiting until the last minute, and now that bitch had caught up with me.

  As I sat there, contemplating my own actions, I felt a shift within myself. The fear and panic that accompanied the darkness transformed into a moment of introspection. I asked myself, "What else am I procrastinating about?" It was a sobering thought. I realized that if we continuously delay taking action, the lights will eventually go out in different areas of our lives. Procrastination is a dangerous game, and I had been playing it far too often. Damn !

In those few minutes of waiting for the lights to come back on, I had a profound conversation with myself. I made a promise—to be more proactive, to stop waiting until the last minute. I vowed to take charge of my life, to address things promptly rather than putting them off until the consequences become inevitable. Its about fucking time I got myself together

  This experience taught me a valuable lesson about the importance of not waiting. We mustn't delay when we have the means and the opportunity to act. Life has a way of reminding us that time is finite, and our lights will inevitably go out one day. So why waste precious moments in procrastination? Do it now whatever the hell it is !

  From now on, I am committed to being proactive in all areas of my life. I hope you, will serve as a witness to this newfound determination. Let my story be a reminder to us all—don't wait for anything. Take action, seize the moment, and let the lights in your life always shine bright. Get your shit together NOW !

In the Blues we Trust !  


 When I first learned about social tokens, I immediately saw their potential as a Blues artist. Having connected with countless fans through live streaming, I imagined the value in offering them a tangible token connected to the blockchain. 

 This would go beyond a mere online presence—it would be something they could hold onto, like a collector's item or something of value. This realization got me to explore social tokens further and use them to strengthen the relationships with my fans.

  By offering social tokens to my fans, I sought to deepen our connection and empower them. Holding a token would signify their ownership of something special and would inspire them to engage more actively with my content. Whether it was visiting my website, leaving comments, collecting records, or attending shows, these actions would earn them more tokens and rewards, fostering a stronger bond between us.

 One of the motivations behind using social tokens was to regain control over the artist-fan relationship. As an artist, I recognized that most interactions with fans occurred through social media platforms, where the value lay in the platform itself. By introducing social tokens, I could give fans something of appreciation while reclaiming the value derived from their presence. It was a way to redirect the focus back to the artist and their dedicated following.

  While I am not a crypto expert and do not engage in crypto trading or investing, I understand the inherent value in social tokens for building and monetizing relationships. The deeper the relationship between the artist and fan, the more valuable the social token becomes. As my fans accumulate tokens, the token's value increases, potentially leading to future exchanges or trades. It is an innovative way for fans to demonstrate their support and for artists to offer exclusive experiences and rewards.

  From my perspective, owning a social token can only enhance the artist-fan relationship. It creates a sense of appreciation benefiting both parties involved. Owning social tokens of artists or entities you admire adds value to your collection and could potentially lead to future opportunities. 

  As a music artist who has embraced social tokens, I have witnessed the transformative power they hold. By offering these tokens to fans, I've strengthened our relationships, reclaimed control over our interactions, and provided a way for fans to demonstrate their support and engagement. Social tokens have introduced a new dimension to my artist-fan connection, creating value and opportunities for both parties involved. So, why not explore social tokens and embark on this exciting crypto journey? Welcome aboard!

TikTok Payback Time Lets dance 


It's been a long time since I danced . Making these little payback TikTok videos has been a blast . Dancing is so much fun. It's also good exercise. I can feel some joints that I hadn't worked on in a long time.

   At one time in my life I was a good dancer. I used to win the local dance contests.  I have always loved dancing and movement. This lady on Tik Tok reminds me of the common denominator. She's such a down to earth person in her videos, and I love to watch her dance. So I couldn't help but get in there with her. 

We're doing a big payback move. I've done two videos  and they are so much fun to do. 

 When I come in from my walk I sit down and take a break.  Lately, I've been coming in and dancing with her on video. Yeah, dancing is good. Let's do more of it. Get with us on the payback time. Do you like dancing ?

Decatur Al is a cool town to chill in  

  I needed this time sitting out here in the park.  It's a beautiful day here in Decatur, Alabama. I had the mind to take some time and sit here in nature. Listen to the birds chirping and kids playing in the playground. It's really a soothing moment. 


  The weather's gorgeous today. I am supposed to play a street show this evening at Bridge Street Town center in Huntsville AL. I think I'm scheduled for five to seven o'clock. Right now it's about two o'clock and I'm just enjoying the breeze. It feels so good. Feels like the wind is blowing straight through me.


   So refreshing to be able to sit under these big pecan trees and inhale a breath of fresh air. I need this fresh air. After all that COVID lockdown and stuff we've been through, this fresh air is refreshing. Decatur Al just made my day.


Have you ever heard of Decatur Al ? 

Easter Dinner Yum Yum ! 


  I love gospel music. Do you?  I played guitar with a gospel quartet for years. The Gospel Starlights.  We traveled and played around the Southeast in many churches and fellowship halls. It is a wholesome experience . I met so many spirit filled people, gifted unsung quartet singers, and gospel heroes .

  One of my favorite quartet singers was Mr.Adam Wright. Adam and his wife Peggy Wright. Adam was a good friend of mine and he would visit with me and we will work up songs together. Another one of my favorite voices is my neighbor Mr.Columbus Waddle. Columbus is the man he gave me this plate of Easter dinner. Him and his wife are my neighbors. They are cool down to earth spirit filled people. 

   I've always looked up to Columbus.Today. I caught him coming out of his house carrying a plate. I knew he was taking it to someone, it's just his nature. And I asked, “Hey, let me get one of those Easter eggs.” He said,” Man, you better come on and get a plate.” So he and his wife prepared me this nice Easter dinner plate. I was so moved by it. I wanted to share it with you. True southern hospitality and delicious food too. Happy Easter Day !

Happy 1 year Birthday to my cats  

  Happy birthday to my cats. They are one year old this month. They have grown so  fast .They are both Tom cats . They're getting up in age now where they are licking on themselves and sniffing on each other. I guess it's time for them to be in heat. 

   Sometimes they go missing all day then they come back a day or so later. They've been great cats to have  here on the farm with me. They catch snakes and kill mice and they do what cats do. 

  They're really good at it. I'm really glad to have them so I don't mind feeding them. I feed them once in the morning and once in the evening. A handful of food. They are healthy, they feel good. And they look good. I'm really proud to have them. 

   My daughter acts like she's afraid of cats. And they don't get much love from anyone else around here. I even have a neighbor who claims to be afraid of my cats. I just tell them. They won't bother you. And I don't know how to lock them up. I've never known of anyone to lock a cat up. I couldn't do that. So I try to make them comfortable.

   Most of the time when I'm outside they hang around with me and they sleep through the day. I say they're living in the cat world. Sometimes I try to understand what they're thinking and see the world through their cat eyes. That's not easy to do. They think about things a little differently than I do. 

  I hope they eventually find a cat girlfriend or make some kittens in some way if they want to. They seem to be  looking around the community looking for love. Yep, I guess cats and everyone else is looking for love. 

  Hopefully someday they'll find something if they haven't already. In the meantime i'll just keep feeding them and taking care of them the best I can. Happy Birthday to the cats ! 

Do you have any cats ?

Knee Popping But I ain't Stopping  


 I was out walking today. It was a beautiful day.

 I noticed a popping sound. I thought it was my shoe string popping on the ground. So I looked down and it wasn't my shoe strings. So I walked on a little farther, and I heard the sound again. I thought it was my shoe. So when I checked my shoe, the sound wasn't coming from my shoe. So I walked on further and realized that a popping sound was coming from my knee.

   It wasn't hurting, but it was popping just above the knee on my left leg. So I just kept walking. I didn't stop. I just kept on walking and listening to the pop. So I put my finger on my knee and pressed the spot where the popping noise seemed as if it was coming from. I could feel the muscles inside my leg popping. That was amazing. I walked on that way for a while. And eventually the popping stopped.

   I went on and completed my walk. By the time I got back home, it started popping again. It wasn't hurting, but there's something popping inside my thigh. I thought that was amazing. Kind of funny. I don't know if it's something that comes from getting older ?  I don't know.

    Have you ever known your body to make popping sounds before ?

Found something I wasn't looking for " AMAZON " 


I got involved with Amazon several years ago hoping they could help me distribute T-shirts and my merchandise across the world.. 

  I only wanted to do a handful of designs. Then they stepped me up to more. Looks like I'm growing to do more designs on Amazon. 

  I love going to Blues Festivals. The people who attend the festivals are such a colorful bunch. The T-shirts they wear and their blues hats and outfits tell a story of their own. Just like the music.   

Sometimes people come in styling their blues wear from different festivals in the past. And of course they always purchase some the day of the show .    

 I started to design more blues wear with them in mind. It's just the place that I started. Music and blues ideas. Sometimes I think a little outside of the box and design for other categories or other interests, but my primary focus has been blues music and Blues Festivals and things that surround the music .

 I started doing t-shirt designs in the first place to display my merchandise at shows and maybe be able to help other artists display some of their merchandise. So the idea is growing on me and Amazon is forcing me to grow to do more.

   Lately, Amazon has introduced other countries and different languages to the distribution. It has really opened my eyes to a global possibility.

  So my focus is having to shift. Amazon has introduced throw pillows, which are really cool. decorative gift ideas. I think everyone could use a pillow for something if just to have it in the car or maybe to lounge around in the house. They introduced cell phone cases which you know nowadays most people have one of some kind. All those merch possibilities open up when you think about it. 

  Nowadays any way that an artist can earn a few extra dollars is cool . So here I go. Check out some of my new product ideas.