Hit the Road Jack

Good Morning Blues people . 72 degrees today. No reason not to go out for my morning walk. Nothing too exciting today. So I grabbed my walking stick and got busy. 

  I've been down this road many times, not much has changed. But I do see dump trucks passing by on the road. There's a new subdivision going in.  Greenbrier is a little community down the street from me. I hear they're building several hundred homes in that area. You will know that means they're gonna have to be a school somewhere and eventually I'm sure that these old country roads will have to be widened. 

   You can see the increase in traffic already. Out here on Swancott rd, but it's okay for walking. Kind of out in the country. I want to do two and a half miles today. 

 I had a talk with myself about drinking. Noticed I was drinking pretty good yesterday. But I enjoy drinking, especially peach Crown, that's my favorite drink and throw a little Fireball in there. Makes for a delicious drink. So last night I got my drink while sitting in the studio. 

  I'm enjoying my new Telecaster guitar.  I went back and played to a lot of old backing tracks and just stretched out playing guitar and enjoying myself. I think it was a good rehearsal. I didn't record it though. I'll record it the next time I do it. Why not?  

  I can see the marker down the road for three miles. I might start walking three miles instead of two and a half is not that much different. Might as well just add in that extra since I'm already close. I hear walking is good for you. I've been doing it for a while now. So I'll keep doing it. I think I'm better off doing it than not doing it. So I just keep going. I'm thinking about adding that other half a mile to make a three mile walk.

   I found out that my neighbor James also walks. I didn't know that until a few months ago. He said he'll do three miles or more. He looks at it like a job. What do you think about walking for exercise ?



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