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Bluesman Ric Patton Biography

Ric Patton handles his harmonica like a grand Master of Southern Blues.  Ric can sing ,write and blow his feelings clean thru his harmonica like only a true Southern Bluesman can.

“Ric Patton is a great songwriter. He writes about  the life journey down the Blues Highway . Ric says things that many people think but never say out loud, about who we are and where we stand and where the times are taking us too.

 His outlook on life is cast in funky Blues melodies, sung in a clever way by a voice that is unpredictable . 

He is a Country Blues Master on the harmonica...  influenced by Jerry (Boogie Man) McCain , Alvin Hope and

Mr Skiprope his underground unsung mentors.

Record producers have been trying to record Ric Patton for 17 years but he has been underground doing just fine, but now a few recordings are starting to surface and Ric is releasing his own works on his private label ‘‘Swancott Records and Tapes “

“ Ric is bound to shake everybody up with a completely different take on New Blues music ."

 After a few spins, his lyrics still spin around in your head.

“Ric is fiercely original. His music is not to listen to but to explore. Vocals , Harp and Arrangements.”

“There are harmonica players and then there is Ric Patton... One of the most original harp players in the South.”

Born in Swancott Al  and raised in Triana and Huntsville Alabama, Ric Patton  was bathed in a wide range of Southern Blues as well as the soul sounds of his 1970’s and 80’s childhood. The soul and spirit of that era is at the core of his music

 Ric  incorporates elements of jazz, blues, funk, and world music, mixed colorful lyrics, strong vocals, and virtuoso harmonica playing, to create a unique, modern concoction of  Blues and Soul music.

 “Growing up in Alabama obviously blues has had a big impact on me. It’s also the soul of virtually every genre of music. But I also grew up a big fan of artists like Sly Stone, George Clinton, Chaka Kahn, Johnnie Taylor, Bennie Latimore ,Bobbie Rush just to name a few. So I draw from all of that, and I try to write lyrics and music that have an emotional as well as intellectual impact. Then I throw in some harmonica for salt and pepper.”

Patton has become a harmonica master,  He also utilizes digital effects to expand expression of the instrument taking it into unexplored Blues territories

 I feel most in-tune with artists who are ‘their own genre,’ borrowing from many different kinds of music. I hope my music reflects that.”

Ric Patton grew up singing and playing guitar in blues bands. He went to Al A&M University where he studied Telecommunications and worked as a camera operator for the football team. He later worked in local Tv stations and the cable tv industry. 

 Ric was also very lucky to grow up with parents who always believed in him even when they didn't understand what he was trying to do.

“I believe making Blues music and writing songs, as well as the appreciation and sharing  Blues music, is one of the most powerful links to our community and shared humanity. 

For bookings please contact:

Ric Patton

1646 Swancott Rd.

Madison, AL  35756

(256) 279-5279 or (256) Cry-5Cry