Big ass Wind mills everywhere in the cotton field !


 Yep, you heard me right. Of all the things you'd expect to see in these parts, windmills weren’t even on my mind. But here they are, standing tall, changing the landscape. Ain't this some shit !

  Back in the day, this land was all about cotton fields. You'd see folks working hard, picking cotton and chopping under the Delta sun. But times have changed, and now, machines do most of the farming. And just when you thought technology had done its thing, along come these big ass wind turbines, like something out of a sci-fi movie. I reckon the farmers have found themselves a new crop—Big ass windmills sprouting up like corn .

  These wind turbines are a sight to behold. Every time I’m driving down Highway 61 from Memphis to Clarksdale, I can’t help but marvel at them. They’re so big , they make you do a double-take. It’s like the Delta got itself a set of blues  guardians, waving their arms in the wind.

   Every time I head down this highway, there are more and more of these things. They’re multiplying like rabbits! I guess energy technology is making its way to the Delta in a big way. These things are supposed to generate a lot of power and money, Maybe they’ll help these poor folks around here with their utility bills.

  I hope these wind turbines bring some good to the Delta. It’s amazing to see how the land is adapting and changing with the times. Who knew that the same fields that once grew cotton could now harness the wind?

So next time you’re cruising down Highway 61, keep an eye out for these mutherfuckers . They’re a symbol of progress, standing tall in the heart of the Delta.  

What you think about these giants ?

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