Year winding on down

  I was on Blab last night and ran into some life coaches. They were going off about making a treasure map for the future and how to vizualize and all that kinda stuff. I was actually about to get involved when I heard one of the coaches call himself a creator. I was shocked. I'm not a super religious type person who makes religion into a maze of understanding but I think its bold to consider the process of creation as ones own.

  I know when I write a song its difficult to think that the words and ideas come from somewhere other than me . The older I become it seems the more aware I am that there is process at work that has nothing to do with me. I can only credit the work with a higher power of some kind . Lets call it GOD. I dont want to take credit for the work that it does thru me . I just hope that this new year that I can allow it to do more thru me. Ill offer some direction . What are you hoping for this New Year 2016 ?

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