WTF these Blues VIP tokens all about ?


As a blues artist, my journey has been filled with memorable encounters and cool relationships. Since I started live streaming in the fall of 2015, I've had the pleasure of connecting with fans from all walks of life. Little did I know that these virtual connections would evolve into a global network of friends. However, when I discovered the concept of social tokens, I realized that there was an opportunity to deepen these relationships and engage my fans on a whole new level. James Brown said “  Make it funky !

  Over the years, my loyal fans have become more than just listeners; they have become friends. Through their frequent visits to my broadcasts, we developed a unique bond. It didn't take long for me to realize that these connections were not limited by physical boundaries. I now have friends and supporters scattered across the country and around the world. The rapport we built is something I cherish, and I wanted to find a way to enhance it further. So I was thinking on it.

  When I first heard about social tokens, I saw them as an innovative tool to strengthen my relationship with fans. The idea was simple: if I could be in the same room with someone, I could give them a token. These tokens could then be accumulated by engaging with my content, such as listening to my records, attending my shows, or interacting with me in various ways. Eventually, fans would be able to redeem these tokens for merchandise or special events. That's a cool idea

  Excited by the possibilities, I decided to embark on this experiment with social tokens. I understood that the more my fans participated in my economy and helped with promotion, the more tokens they could earn. The engagement and depth of connection that these tokens could bring were intriguing to me, and I knew it was worth a try. Although I faced initial rejections from three companies, the persistence paid off when I found a partner who believed in the concept. Try Roll opened the door for me.

  The company that accepted my proposal issued a special allotment of tokens for me, which I named the BVIP token. With these tokens, I began to witness the early signs of stronger relationships and increased fan engagement. While many in the crypto world focus on financial aspects, my primary goal was to build an engaged fan base. The BVIP tokens were not for sale; instead, fans could earn them by actively interacting with my content.

 To earn more BVIP tokens, fans can visit my YouTube channel, follow me on Instagram or Facebook, and actively participate in promotions featured on my website. By rewarding the most engaged fans, I aimed to foster a sense of community and appreciation among those who have shown unwavering support. It is not solely about profit but about deepening the connection and providing additional value to my dedicated audience.

  As I continue this journey, I am beginning to witness the potential of social tokens. The future of the BVIP tokens holds promise, not just for the music but also for the relationships they help nurture. By embracing this innovative concept, I am building a network of engaged fans who are as passionate about my music as I am. It's an exciting path to explore, and I can't wait to see where it takes us.

  Social tokens have opened up new avenues for Blues musicians like me to forge deeper connections with fans. By rewarding engagement and offering exclusive benefits, we can build vibrant communities that extend far beyond geographical boundaries. The BVIP tokens, earned through active participation, serve as a testament to the dedication of my fans. As I continue this journey, I look forward to nurturing these relationships and witnessing the growth of an engaged fan base. Together, we embark on an exciting future, where music and connection come together at the bank.

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