The world just keeps on turning

  I woke up this morning to the sound of my son cussing out his girlfriend on the the phone . Its was a beautiful sound to hear. I had started a virus scan on my computer and I was anxious to see what it found and to my surprise it found nothing.  

  Its so cold today that I think I'm gonna wrap my water pipes and get ready for the next few days. Its slow going here in AL. today. I have been talking to my son about helping me with my music business this year since he changed his mind again about the military . If he is going to hang around here , I told him to get back in school or take over my Hot Dog stand, the choice is his . It must me fun to be his age and his only concern  is getting a girl. And the world just keeps on turning. That wound be a cool theme for a song . I think I'm gonna write it . 


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