the sound of Rain on this old tin roof

  That rain sounds good on this old tin roof. Makes me think about so many things. Like how many raindrops is that on the roof, Like time, I went back into some packed away boxes just rambling through things that were stored away. I found an old picture of my good friend Mr. David Hooks. Dave and I shared many days playing music together. He is from Selma Alabama. The picture that I found is of him playing tub at a Cajun restaurant. Dave is one of the few tub players I know. he plays with a serious look on his face and he always dressed well for the show. He grew up in a country town called Burnt Corn Alabama with his grandmother. He said his grandmother taught him how to play the tub.

 I haven't been able to sleep tonight. Thinking about lots of things, mostly about the band. Putting the band back together. Writing new songs. Always plenty to do. I'm getting better organized. Feeling pretty good about the way things are going. I'm getting ready for a road trip this weekend.


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