I had a ball in Nashville. The folks a Skulls and the Shindig Mafia are some fine folks . This cat Mr Andrew really did a fine job putting on this party . From the time I got to Nashville all the bases were covered, Logistics loadin , lodging ,I mean these folks had it all covered. 

 Skulls is a nice room , you can see all the history still in there, and the burlesque girls are really icing on the cake. I mean high class nice . 

  The Shindig Mafia dancers were all over the floor , I saw some moves like I aint never seen before. I saw this one dude flip this lady over an put her head on the floor and move like a mop. Dippin and diving and everything. These folks had a ball. I want to thank everyone for listening to me and dancing their tales off.  Thanks Mr Andrew and his whole crew , really professional people , Keep that Shindig Mafia going and keep on dancing ! Thank you all !


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