More Blues Resurrection

I feel really hopeful today. I woke up feeling refreshed thinking clearer. I don't know what happened, but I do know it's been awhile since I thought this clearly and felt so refreshed.  I took some time to think and to visualize and maybe that did me good. I'll call it healing time. That time away from my computer was healing to me. My vision seems to be renewed.


I’ve got a new image for my music and have renewed my commitment to serve my fans. I'm willing to give away more of myself. I want to read more tracks in the snow. I feel like I'd like to record all types of songs whatever type of music that comes through me. Maybe someone will be able to use some of it


My patrons are beginning to grow and I am wanting to give them more. I want to offer the music to fit the many different situations they have in their lives. You know everyone has different moods and is nothing wrong with having music to fit and listen to whatever mood we might be in. Something I haven't done much is capture all of the moods that come through my life and set them into short stories and songs. I feel pretty good .And I look forward to getting back in the recording studio, the blues room and get busy.  I'm starting now.


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