Meeting Ms. Charlotte Taylor: A Day to Remember

  The night started off like any other, but it quickly turned into something magical when I met Charlotte Taylor. I was there to watch her perform,  her style is as engaging as it is laid-back. She has this incredible ability to draw you in with every strum of her guitar and every note she sings.

To my surprise and pleasure, she invited me to join her on stage. Not only did she let me play a few songs with her, but she also graciously lent me her guitar. It was an honor to be part of her set, and the real treat was watching her in action. Her effortless command of the stage and her instrument is awesome.

 I had the chance to chat with Charlotte and learn more about her fascinating background. She is from Little Rock, Arkansas, she’s been playing music for as long as she can remember. It’s clear that music isn’t just a part of her life; it’s woven into the fabric of her being.

She shared some stories about her time working with a record company in Memphis, leaving a trail of musical breadcrumbs for fans to follow. If you dig deep enough, you might stumble upon some of her music scattered across the world.

Charlotte was incredibly encouraging to me. Her kind words and insights were valuable, and I learned so much from her in a short time. She even delved into astrology, reading my zodiac sign and making me laugh with her spot-on observations. It was a fun, that shit cracked me up, we was laughing so hard.

While she’s often labeled a blues artist, Charlotte’s musical tastes are far-reaching. She appreciates all kinds of music.  Calling her just a blues artist feels too narrow; she’s a versatile musician with a love for many genres.

I can hardly wait to see Charlotte again and delve deeper into her world. I feel a strong connection with her, both musically and personally, and who knows? Maybe someday we’ll collaborate on something special.

Until then, I’ll keep the lessons she taught me close to my heart and look forward to our next encounter. Keep your eyes and ears open, blues fans—you never know when a night of music might turn into a memorable meeting with someone extraordinary.


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