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 I started on Facebook when it first came out. a girl that was working for me help me to set up my account. She actually set me up two or three accounts. One day she had to leave me and she turned the accounts over to me. She said,”Here are your passwords and all your usernames you got 3,000 people here and then she left. That was a biggest bunch of b******* I've ever had to figure out I actually spent time trying to figure out how Facebook worked but I was never able to get it. It seem confusing to me. I could see the people I knew but sometimes I didn't know if it was actually them talking to me. Sometimes my account would be taken over by  spam or a robot. It was always some shit on FB. so I eventually left Facebook alone. sometimes I would use it for promoting a show or to it promote a local event but that was it.


When I started using periscope it was simpler for me. All I had to do was scope and keep the interaction with my people. that's what it was all about anyway interacting with my fans. So I started doing it often on periscope. Finally as my Periscope Community begin to grow it became necessity of a newsletter or a organized group, some way to communicate deeper with my fans and that's when Kilo came into the picture. Mr. Kilo had be a VIP and a fan of mine for a while. He comes into the room often, and he's very active in promoting and he's also a fun guy. His comments always are on point.He suggested to use Facebook group like a newsletter. I was very much against the idea in the beginning and I asked him to sell me on the idea, and he did. Apparently he has done it before. He's a businessman. And he also has a military background. He was very thorough and convincing. so I gave it a try.


Our first night we had a 13 followers to the group. and I was able to see people deeper into my fans. I think it's will become usable to for us all to interact together. I'm not interested in broadcasting live on Facebook at this time. You can already see the fun starting. VIPs coming in and greeting each other. That's what it's all about. we're getting ready now for the Blues Facebook take over.


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