Lets have a relationship !


One of the toughest things I've ever done is to open up on this computer and look at how to build relations with an avatar. I know that there are folks behind these little faces but are they really who they are claiming to be . I was raised to love mankind and to be respectful to people face to face but on the computer it seems like everyone is in a hurry to get nowhere. They are all searching thru a search engine to find some specific thing. I don't think many people are actually looking for me , so when we do meet its kind of akward and uneasy. If i'm playing music it seems they are in a hurry , they don't really want to know me , the only want to satisfy what they want at that moment. 

  I get on the periscope app and browse sometimes just to look into what my followers are sharing and it is eye opening to fine that most don't share anything , but they are quick to ask me to show boobsl. I have spent time looking for people on other platforms just to find that many are just not too open and easy to get  to. I think that the old fashioned way to build friendships is still the best way . Slow and deliberate, Not everyone needs to be friends. I think that the real relationships will surface and grow online as well as offline , Im in no hurry to build relationship now days I just ask folks to listen to my music an my story and the friendships will surface it they are meant to be. Thanks for listening . Lets be friends . 

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