Juke Joint Clarksdale Blues Festival 2024

  Hey there blues people, let me tell you about my time at the Juke Joint festival in Clarksdale, Mississippi this year. It was a bitch of a journey, starting with a rainy drive out of Alabama that tested my patience, but oh boy, was it worth it in the end.

  When I rolled into Clarksdale, the rain clouds moved away, and the evening welcomed me with open arms. The festival was sprawled across Clarksdale, and it was one of the biggest juke joint gatherings I've ever seen. People from all corners of the country gathered here for a celebration of blues. It was fun time .

 I didn't manage to hit up every spot I wanted to, but I caught some incredible shows and, of course, had the time of my life playing my own set. Parking was a hassle, but once I settled in at the artist accommodation near the old train depot, the festival magic took hold . Drinking that E&J didn't help any .

  I remember being whisked away on a golf cart to the Cultural Center, a venue with plenty of seats and a vibe that screamed blues. This wasn't my first time gracing its stage, and seeing Miss Tandra, the woman who runs it, was like catching up with an old friend. Her art adorned the walls, adding to the soulful atmosphere.

Before I took the stage at 12:30, I caught the act before me—a killer southern soul band that set the perfect tone for the night. And to my surprise and delight, the Blues dancers showed up, some of them even from my hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. It felt like a reunion as they filled the room, grooving along to the music like only true blues people can.

But the surprises didn't stop there. Word spread like wildfire about the Cultural Center, and soon enough, the swing dancers joined the party. They came back later in the night, ready to dance their asses off, adding another layer of energy and excitement to the festival.

As the night drew to a close, I couldn't help but reflect on the incredible fun experience. The planners of the Juke Joint festival outdid themselves this year, and I'm already counting down the days until  next year 2025. If this year was any indication, next year should be even better.

So here's to the blues, to Clarksdale, and to the unforgettable moments shared at the Juke Joint festival. Until next time, keep the music alive and the spirits high. See you at the crossroads my friends.

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