Its been a crazy day

  I went walking this morning and all the water was still standing from the rainfall the other night. I walked around two miles and as I was coming up this steep hill, an old white woman came upon me riding a bicycle , she was gasping for air , I said " Heyhe are you OK? She just kept pumping on up the hill to the church . I saw her drinking some water from her bottle, then she took off again . I yelled at her and asked how far you got to go , she said," By the time I get back to my car I will have rode 16 miles ,I was like Daaang ! She must be in good shape to ride that far. 

  I have been walking for a while now but I am gonna take it more seriously . The new year is almost here and its a good time to re think and make some plans and new goals to do. I'm going to add some fitness to the list for myself . Walking two miles takes me around 45 minutes ,im gonna start timing it and picking up speed. Do you have an exercise program for yourself ? 

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