Introducing " Jukie " my new guitar

 Good morning Blues lovers . The other morning I was rushing and packing, getting ready for the festival, packing everything into the truck. I got over to the event and then realized that I didn't bring my guitar. Im like " Oh Shit ! I was so friggin embarrassed. I packed everything but my damn guitar and I hadn't been that drunk, I don't think so . But either way. Here I am at the festival and had to drive around 30 minutes to find a parking spot.

   Finally found parking and artist accommodation . I hated to go back to the hotel and I'd be late for my show. So here I go thinking about who I can borrow a friggin guitar from? I didn't worry about it too much. I'm sure there were a lot of guitars there. If someone would let me borrow one or rent one maybe. 

   On my way into the event I noticed a vendor on the street selling cigar box guitars and had a few regular guitars. One caught my eye. So I went back  When I came back. I asked the man to let me see that guitar. It was something unique about it. When I picked it up, I was surprised how light weight it was. It was a Telecaster squier simi hollow body. A unique guitar, I hadn't seen anything like that in years. I'm thinking that guitar is as old as me .

 He told me he put a lot of work into that guitar, new pickups and he wanted to take $350 for it. I said no, that's too much. I told him I needed one for my show coming up in the next 30 minutes. He said no he wouldn't back down off the price. So I went on into the venue. I talked with Mr. Big T Williams. Big T Williams. His show was after me.  T agreed to let me borrow his guitar. While I was waiting, I was still thinking about that. 

   I went back down to the vendor. I told him to let me play it again Sam. . I took the guitar and played it and I was impressed with how it felt. Mostly how lightweight it was and how all the notes rang true. He had done a fret job and set up on it. The string height and everything had been adjusted out. He'd done a good job on it. He's put a lot of work into that guitar. He explained to me about how he'd done the heads on it. And it became apparent he had worked on it. I liked it and I said well look. Let's make a deal.

   And that's we started deal making. wound up getting a gig bag and a little stomp box. That was so cool. I wasn't expecting that. So I named this guitar “ Jukie “  So I played the show with it. And it did well. I want to thank all of my fans who chipped in on it. Thanks for listening .

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