Im Back on the road again !

I spent most of the morning working on ads to be put on craigslist. After my excursion into Nashville a few weeks ago I've got road hunger. When I played that show in Nashville at SKULLS, I got an invitation into the bar next-door it's call Bourbon Street and is one of the nicest bars in Nashville. The manager came over and met with me. She said she really enjoyed my show. She said she'd look forward to having me come to the boogie Bar.

 I've got one ad prepared for Birmingham area and I also am running in Chattanooga area for the holiday season hopefully we'll get a few bites between now and the end of the year. The last two years during holiday season has been kind of slow for me. Last year I only got three parties and the year before that it was only four.


I've got plenty of relatives in Chattanooga area that might help out with lodging and I also have new connections in Nashville so maybe between the two cities we can find enough to keep the band working during the holiday season.

 I just got a call from Mac my bass player he was asking about Alabama A&M University homecoming and what we had planned. I told him that we had Sunday so far and so far nothing else has called me. I know it can be a big weekend but it's filled with hip-hop and Neo soul so there's not a lot of room left for the blues .we'll have to create our own niche this year. I've decided to keep the ads running for a few months and see what happens on craigslist. Do you have any suggestions on getting bookings in today's world short of hiring an agency?







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