How to Do An Emotional Blues Cleanse

Women have long been full of the Blues but lately more women than ever have moved to the Blues as a vehicle to say what they are thinking. I often hear the women scream out “Tell It!” during a good Blues show.

Just the process of daily living and having to deal with any number of issues on the job and in the home is definitely enough to fill a person with the Blues by the weekend. When that Blue feeling starts to get down on you, whether man, woman or child, its time for an emotional blues cleanse.

A good Blues cleanse should begin in the morning. It’s best to find a day when you will be home for several hours and not be in any hurry to leave it order for the Blues cleanse to give a good work thru.


Step 1 Find a task to do that will keep you busy for a while and distracted. Shining shoes, or cleaning out an old drawer, washing the car etc...


Step 2. Put on a favorite blues record and turn the player up loud.


Step3. When it gets to the parts that sound good to you, scream out! “ Sho ya Right “ Don’t worry about the neighbors or anyone that might hear you. They will understand the cleansing


Step4. Play the same recording again and again and each time listen for new parts that might have escaped your listening, this time scream louder.


Step5. Continue this process until you feels a release and a connection with the artist. You know what they are talking about. Their blues music is healing you.


Step 6 Repeat the process until you feel relief and cleansed.


It’s getting hard to find good blues songs to cleanse with. So my band has some songs that can help you get started. When you join our fan club you will get a FREE download that will get you feeling cleaner.

You may have some other Blues cleansing methods that work for you, Feel free to share your comment s below.


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