Hometown Huntsville Welcomes Al BLUESDOGS




 It was a blast being in the new down town Hsv entertainment district last night. It was vibrant and alive down there. Huntsville finally had a city feeling to it. There were cars running up and down the street and folks walking and gawking and here I was on the street slanging those BLUESDOGS.

  I met lots of new customers and got to hear some musician from California playing over at the 21 club, he was loud as hell but the folks still seemed to enjoy him. I had brought along two chairs so between dogs I got to sit down and enjoy the Hsv. city groove.

  I had a ball just being a part of it all. This is my hometown and I would love to see it have a entertainment district take off, I’m going to do what I can to help them get a grip. Folks here usually have to go to another city just to enjoy some real entertainment. Memphis or Atlanta just to see a good show but maybe if we keep pushing,  Hsv will someday have something going on that can keep us busy.

  This is my GRAND OPENING season here at this location. I started out at Bridge Street and it was good there but I think this is going to be a better spot in time. I still got to set up my signage and promotions and get these BLUESDOGS to barking. I think it’s going to be ok downtown. What do you think about the new Huntsville entertainment district?

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