Dreaming those ghetto dreams lastnight

I had a ghetto dream last night . I was walking through the project last night carrying my guitar case. I was a little nervous because people were watching me in the project. As I walked down the street a lady in the alley called me to the side. She was a very pretty lady. Her hair was short, black and silver streaks. She had a very pretty face. I could tell she wore lipstick, but that day she didn't have any on. She was fidgeting with her hair.


   She said,” I was afraid  you would leave before you played me a song or two. I need you to play a couple songs for me. I was a stunned because I knew she was a hood queen and she had a boyfriend or husband or something.


   I looked around and as I turned to my right I saw a man leaving. He turned his back and walked away. He had all white pants and saggy pants and red on. He turned his back and hurried away. She said he's leaving to give you room to play me a couple of songs. She said,” he knows I need to hear a few songs”. She said, “ come up to my house and play me a few songs”


  I asked her are you sure you have enough power or extension cords at your house? She said yes. She had plenty of extension cords. She started asking me questions about my amplifier. She turned out to be knowledgeable about amplifiers as if she worked with an amplifier company or was a technician when we got to her house, she helped me get plugged up.


  Some of her friends were coming in. I didn't have a guitar cord. But then I heard that humming sound, you know the hum you get when there's a cord laying loose or touching something. I looked down and there was a cord in my hand. Dreams are amazing aren't they ?


  So I plugged the cord into the guitar and I had the urge to play an old Bobby Womack song. No matter how high I get. I played it the way Bobby Womack played it. Then I went on and played Harry Hippy, another song by Womack that became popular and another Womack song. 


   By the time I finished she had a small crowd of 6 or 8 of her friends in the room. They were all excited. They helped me pack up to leave. They were saying  Mr. That was great. We loved it. They said do you play anywhere or do you play for other people? I told them sometimes I do. But I released one new record each month.


   I put out one new record each month. I told them sometimes it's a fast song, sometimes it's a slow song. Some months it's a happy song, some months it's a sad song. I said but at the end of the year. They have a whole album of my music and I also do bonus songs. At the end of the year. I told them I charged them 99 cents each month. $1 a month and they can collect my music each month .


  I handed all of them one of my cards as I left. When I  woke up I had a good feeling. I woke up thinking that  made so much sense. released one song a month to my fans who want to collect it. It's just $1 a month they can stop anytime they want. Let's do this

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