Don't waste my time


Doing this log is not easy. When you were raised like me to keep your mind to yourself sometimes it's not easy to share my mind. I spent many years learning that other people's points of views are more important than my own. I learned to be a great listener. that works great and most instances. But now it seems important to me to talk. And what I want to share today is a thought for some younger people.” Don't waste your time”.  Most of the conversation that you get involved with is pointless. It's just a debate over some viewpoint. The only thing it will do is polarize you or put you into one group and them into another group. An ethical debate about what's right and what's wrong.

A pure waste of your time when you could be focused on much better things or accomplish some things for yourself.


So this day as you go through the day, try to keep focused on something that you can gain from the day. Mind your own business and do well. Don't allow your friends and co-workers to engage you in conversation that will lead you nowhere. It'll just lead them into little isolated groups of he feels this way and I feel that way. And before you know it the day is gone and no one has made it any farther along. don't waste your time.

Focus and have a great day


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