Did you see me on TV ?

 I was playing a street show one night in downtown Hsv and i noticed this dude shooting video of my show with a fancy camera. He was shooting all kinds of odd angles and stuff . I asked him what the hell was he doing, he told me about shooting for a local Honda Dealer commercial and asked me for a release . I told him to e mail it to me .Well a few days later i got the release

  A few weeks later a friend told me he saw me on TV in a commercial. I hadn't seen it yet so i e mailed the video guy and got this link . Its was soo funny to me . I thought i would share it with you. Don't blink its only a second or two. Two seconds of regional glory. All my life I wanted to be somebody, and do something special with my life. Like be in a Honda commercial. Did you see me ?

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