Dependability and Persistance is the blues magic


 Some folks were asking me to offer advice to a person just starting out in the music biz. I immediately said" Dependability". Its a trait that means much more that a musical skill. I know very talented artist that just are flawed with bad personality traits like lack of confidence and not be dependable. If there was any one skill I would try to teach an new person just starting out in music it would be that . I really think it matters 85% and musical skill 15% . After all musical skills can be taught on the spot and coached through repetition of a part and practice but a personality trait can have deeper causes. And I am not a trained psychiatrist so I can't help anyone to focus or follow through . I can and do try to lead be example. 

  So if a new band is starting out or you are putting together a band from scratch . I think you should look for people who are already playing with other bands or run an ad looking for interested people. Let them come to you and once you have some in a group that you hope will stick , try to find out their plans and ideas for the future and talk openly about dependability before you start executing BPA's or legal Band partnership agreements . The absolute  worst thing  you could do is have a legal partnership with a person that is not dependable or not accountable . Its better to take your time and get know your band mates before drawing legal paperwork and sharing obligations. 



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