Decatur Al is a cool town to chill in

  I needed this time sitting out here in the park.  It's a beautiful day here in Decatur, Alabama. I had the mind to take some time and sit here in nature. Listen to the birds chirping and kids playing in the playground. It's really a soothing moment. 


  The weather's gorgeous today. I am supposed to play a street show this evening at Bridge Street Town center in Huntsville AL. I think I'm scheduled for five to seven o'clock. Right now it's about two o'clock and I'm just enjoying the breeze. It feels so good. Feels like the wind is blowing straight through me.


   So refreshing to be able to sit under these big pecan trees and inhale a breath of fresh air. I need this fresh air. After all that COVID lockdown and stuff we've been through, this fresh air is refreshing. Decatur Al just made my day.


Have you ever heard of Decatur Al ? 

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