Christian Bass Player !!


  I was looking for a man to sit in for Mr. Fats while he recovers. I ran an ad on  Craigslist and so far Ive had about a dozen responses. This dude came in and actually came in to a rehearsal , he brought 3 basses , a frettless and 2 loaded with frett . He claims to be from up Detroit way . Now I know that to be the home of Motown and blues and soul is all in the air up there.

  i dont trust many people when it comes to playing with me . One of the things that i always look for committment . Im always asking  , " What are you committed to and just how much ?  " This dude is not new to music    , He has been playing for lot of years now . So he is committed to the music . 

  Just like any new job or new endevor you got to get to know the people you working with and I look forward to working  with this dude. I want to see whats in his bass head . I want to see him stand up to having them honeys humping on his leg while he play that bass . I want to hear him hold the  line without going metal on me . 

  I got 4 or 5 new names to call that reaponded to the ad on craigslist but I want  to give this dude a chance to claim the blues perimid . Let me know what Yall think. 

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