I was flipping though the radio dial again today to hear me some good old down home  blues and southern sol  music and again I was disappointed. It's understandable that the broadcast stations have to make money but to replace the human elements and put in a robotic playlist that's programmed two weeks in advance is taking the soul right out of the public service. How the hell can a DJ put up with this crap. Its amazing what folks do for a little money. Some of the stuff that I was hearing on radio was so robotic and thin . No wonder record companies are loosing money . People aren't stupid .

  Every summer I ventue down into the so called Delta and I hear some great music and see some great shows . Southern soul music and Delta blues , but where  can i hear it on the air. Its amazing that the music had to go underground . Mainstream broadcasters just cant find the time for it  or they think that the market is too small and not important enough to serve. Its like these people don't live in the same community as we . 

  And here come the poor little promoters that want to put on a show in a small city like Huntsville but I guess the figure its too costly to take to market now days . Its too hard to promote it since the people are not loyal to any on medium to advertise to . It would cost too much to effectively get the word out the Blues market . I think we all should step back and take a look at just who the blues market really is . I can comfortably say thy my fanbase is at leaste 70% white and most of my record sales are to the white market . So has the blues really gone underground?

  I have no doubt that the genre will be there forever , it can't go away because it is the root of so much wester music . The roots cant wither away or the entire plant will suffer . I Think the blues roots are sinking deeper into the the ground and soon we will have a new crop of artist who have returned to the roots. What do you think about the way blues is treated ?

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