Kenny was so excited to be at rehearsal again . We have been off a few weeks since the New Yr and it really was good to get in a full rehearsal again . I was suprised at just how fast we got back into the groove . We always start off just jamming on  some original impromtu riffs and get all warmed up .Some of our best material comes together that way . After we all warm up its time to get into the show set list .   

  I have been impressed with how dedicated this crew is becoming . We were really concerned with how Rolex was goning to deal with driving 80+ miles to rehearsal twice a week but it seems like he is going to have a job up in this area . If this new job works out for him it would be great for the band . We are headed it to the studio in April to knock out some demo material and some original songs. So hang tight if you are a Chickenbone Reuion Fan , its gonna be a long hot summer .

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