Blues Festival coming to Swancott Al.

  There is not a lot going on in Swancott community. Its just kinda sleepy most of the time . I make more noise there than anyone else just practicing my music. I have been thinking about doing a venu there for a House Concert  I just call it a festival . I havnt decided on how many seats to arrange but so far I got 36 chairs . If i get all I car round up it might get to be 50 seats . Thats a long way from a festival but its a start to me . 

  Doing a house concert is different from a  party . I have performed at several house concerts but this time I am the host and I want to give a good show so that some of the invites want to have a House concert of their own. 

  Im also doing renovations on the old building so that it can be used as a recording studio . I will be using s fan funding platform to help get support and funding on these projects . So hang tight it wont be long before Swancott Al has its own Blues Festival. Or maybe i should say Private Festival. 

  House Concerts are catching on all over the country . What do you think about having a concert in your living room?

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