Black Lives Matter Black History Blues Show !


 My friends were saying that there wasn't much activity to see concerning Black History in the Huntsville Al. community this year. I have always tried to do my part in some type history presentation for my community. I think it is a cool thing to take the time to actually look into the history of  my black people. Being a black man myself, I am always interested to knowing more about our past. 

   When I was a student at A&M University we would study and present black facts and do  programs . It was so enriching for me . I  decided to continue the tradition each year in my music by doing a Black History Tribute with songs and storytelling during the month of Febuary. Ive had some intrest with the show and folks do show a fascination in it. Most of my shows are outdoor street performances and its kind of hard to get a fair weather day in febuary, its usually cold most days but I keep on doing my best . Do you hear enough about Black History?

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