Big fun in Nashville


  A few years ago I got invited to play for a party done by some swing dancers. It was my first experience playing for a group of dancers at a party environment. Needless to say it was different. I got a chance to see all kinds of crazy dancing going on. There was this guy from Nashville who befriended me ,his name was Andrew. Someway I got his number and I have tried to stay in touch with him. Andrew promised me that someday he would get my show to Nashville.  

Well, that day finally came and Andrew called to ask me to come to Nashville to a place called Skulls. I was excited to hear from him , the opportunity to play for dancers in Nashville was intriguing and a challenging idea.

I spent years playing around in a circle in Huntsville area and the chance to go out to Nashville was a refreshing idea. I trusted Andrew to take care of the details and that's exactly what he did. 

Andrew handled all the planning and the logistics of my trip, he even helped arrange lodging and food and even help me to get parking right in front of the venue. There are so many of his friends to thank for the experience, I can't name them all, But I want to thank everyone. 

The group was call the Shindig Mafia and believe me, it is definitely a shindig, I mean, serious dancing, and romancing, these people take dancing to a whole Mother level. And the room, Skulls Rainbow Room is really a classic piece of Nashville architecture. One of the nicest rooms available ,you can feel the history in that room. And the Burlesque show is definitely a mind blower. Fine ladies doing a really classy show . I like it . 

For a Sunday night it was really a good night, lots of activity going on that night, I was surprised. It was a well Done event. I am so proud of Mr. Andrew. And I am so proud of the shindig mafia group. Keep up the good work , it's people like you ,that makes playing music so much fun.Thanks everyone.

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