Are you a Songwriter ?


 I got a chance to visit the park today and Triana Alabama where I grew up. I remember playing around in the same swings underneath the same trees as a kid. I had a bunch of great memories in this park. Today the park is empty. The little daycare centers in the play areas nearby all closed up now and the church with all the kids would have been closed.  They've all moved into bigger schools in the cities now. 

  In another month there'll be more activity down here. Spring is coming and mothers bring their children down to the park during the day.  

  I had a chance to think for a while before I eat lunch. Thinking about the music, thinking about what to write about. If songwriting is a method of painting pictures or creating a snapshot of the attitude of the time, what would that be? What would you write about today? I've written songs on life but never really thought about it as intellectual property. Creating something that will last and could last forever more. Capturing a moment in time that could be shared. I'll try to write some songs about the mood of the day. What do you like to write about ? What inspires you to write songs ?

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