Amendment XXl Huntsville Opens the Mic on Sunday Nights?

Every since we started the open mic idea I been getting calls from all kinds of freaks wanting to get on stage and act a fool. I'm doing my best to gracefully tell them that its not acceptable to act a fool on stage . I am very open minded and I love all kinds of art and musical entertainment. I even create beats and all kinds of funky sounds . But Open mic to me is not intended to be a permission slip to cuss folks out . I think most folks get enough cussing and sex talk at home in their private lives not to have to pay a cover charge to get cussed out. 

  I get these phone calls from young guys that heard about my STAGES SHOWS and want  to showcase what they are calling music. I just cant see myself being associated with anything like that crap. I hope that my fans and friends realize that if I'm going out here to deal with these white folks and set up these events all over AL. I'm creating a community event for the family. I want to create an atmosphere where we can take your mama or your date and see some quality young talent onstage not a dang strip joint or a cussing contest . If that is what you all want from my STAGES show then you got the wrong host. But if you want a clean and decent event that you can enjoy without the police breathing down our back , I'm gonna do my best to produce one . If you know anyone who needs a clean stage to showcase some quality talent come on down.

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