Alabama Snow 2015 giving me the Blues !

  Its been lock down around here in Huntsville long enough. We Alabama folks just don't handle the snow well. Everything gets shut down to the ground with half inch of snow. I decided to catch up on some organizing . I got my computer a lot better organized into folders and stuff like that . I cleaned out my closet , throw out some old clothes and stuff like that . Just anything to stay busy till the sun melts this crazy ice. I went out to walk on the road and it was super slick . The day of the snow I measured 8in with my ruler out in Swancott Rd. south of Madison . I hear it set a record. I didnt want  to build no snowman or nothing like that . I just wanted to chill and get ready for spring . I got plenty of work to do here on the farm place. Grass will be growing soon , got to get ready for that and the Hot dog stand got to roll out soon . We've got plenty to do. Right now its just chill time but this snow has got to go. Do you like Alabama snow ?

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