A friend request ?


Good Blues morning. first thing this morning I was watching a replay from last night's periscope. We sang a song last night call that Lonesome Road. In the song I often sing about friends. Sometimes people sing along with me. And I wonder do they really realize what we’re singing about.


 I'm learning as the time goes by that there's nothing like a good friend to make the road of life feel a little smoother. Sometimes my friends encourage me and I encourage them. Seems like friends just lighten the load. There's nothing like the joy of sharing with my good friends. I think sometime we get so involved in ourselves that its hard to reach out and nourish a friendship with another. So I'm writing this today hoping someone might read it someday, and reach out and be a true friend to someone else, take the time to get involved. Actually cultivate a friendship with someone. Try not to get so busy that we don't have time for others. So let's take today and be friends. What do you think ?


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