99 Days of the Blues

99 Days of the Blues

 Things have been wet all day today. Too wet to open up the Hot dog stand . Im going to finish uploading the Christmas songs. That’s a big step for me , these songs are the first time I ever put a video on a Youtube upload.

  Im going into downtown early tonight for my show at the Amandment XXl . Ive been playing there for 15 months now . It’s a residency for me . most of the time I play outside but tonight  its too rainy so im going in early and do an inside setup.

  My friend Mr Freeez   dropped by to visit , he had a lovely girlfriend with him that really got to the blues , she video taped a lot of the set . My friend Peter ( THE TRANSFORMER ) saved the day on harmonica for me . I couldn find my A harp and called him to come sit in . Its getting to be fun playing with him . Im gonna add him to the bill soon . We’ve been playing together now for a few weeks.

  I had some visitors from Memphis ,they say that folks told them to come down town to hear the Blues  show at the XXl. It was really good to be though of that way but they had to leave to go get food , four people got up and left my show and I didn’t  see them come back in time to catch the show. That gives me a sence of urgency to try to work out a way to use the cart over at the XXl so folks wont have to get up and  leave and wont have to send out for food.

  Zac ( The best damn manager I ever had ) came in from Chicago. He was asking how it was going and he observed I was a little under my best game . It was funny to think that he knows me that well.

  It finally slacked up raining and I left and went out to Madison . I stopped into SUDS , my commissary. They were a little slow tonight , Tangie said, “ it must have been the rain and the game “ I told her it was like that all over town . 

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