98 Days of the Blues


I got a chance today to do some research on the EBOLA disease. I knew it little about the country of Liberia but I wanted to know more and today I got a chance to look it up online. I have always had a kind of closeness to the Haiti Nation. I love its history and its struggles for freedom. I love the stories of how they were able to overcome slavery and gross oppression. I know they have a image of a poor country and filled with voodoo customs but they are still black people and they do have a right to be themselves. The people of Liberia are the same people. Returned back to the shores and set free from slavery to go back to home. Where is home to a second and third generation slave?

  EBOLA is centered it the area right along the west coast. I heard that the city of West Point was put under curfew and quarantine a few weeks ago. I didn’t know that the city of 75,000 people had no working sewer system and the people have been shitting on the beach for quite a while now. It is a filthy area with malaria disease and stinks everywhere. I didn’t know that it could take up to 4 hours just to suit up and remove just one dead body infected with EBOLA. 

  I spent most of the day watching video and doing online study because I wanted to get up in it so that I wouldn’t be so down on it.

   I had the idea to do a song called the EBOLA BLUES.  I had a line in the song about monkey and a bat having the disease I wanted to know more about their scientific connection to the disease.

  I did see documentary of people still eating what is called bush meat. Monkey meat and rat meat other wild foods that could seemingly transfer a disease to a human. I don’t know that for sure but it sure makes a hell of a lot of sense to me.

  I finally got the feelings and insights I wanted to put into a song. This is how it came to me.

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