94 Days of the Blues

 We had a big time at the Amendment 21 lastnight. I looked around and saw lots of my fans in the house , Superfan John T came by, Godfather Peter Proctor, songwriter Greg Sanders, Shuga mama ,Mr Freese and his friend, even cool Dave dropped in . There was Ms Kim shaking everything and feeling the music , It was looking more and more like a ChickenBone Reunion everytime we go out to the XXl.

  Luke Skywalker and Dr J  were on the bartending to biz doing it 21 style . These guys are the best  bartenders in town, they had everyone drinking and thinking and shaking and baking.

  We even had a real rhythm section going doing it  Delta style . Washboard rubbing and sticks popping and all that shit was happening last night.

I saw some pretty women in there too. It was  really a classy looking room. I saw some folks at the back really bobbing that head and I knew it was gonna be on . I got carried away and forgot  all about the soul train line .

  Our sets were 10 songs last night so we didn’t let up much . All in all I think we gave them as much as we could. Considering behind the scenes we had a rough start.

  I had to drive my bass man Drew out to the show , so I had to take my gear in early and double back to pick it up. And after the show  I had to drive him back.

I had to leave my gear there over night , which is something I don’t like to do. It should be safe but you know how it is now days with folks hustling .

We got one more show booked with them on the 28th of Nov , I think it will be a real blast to play there again .Big Fun at the xxl.

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