92 Days of the Blues


  I been thinking about last friday night at the XXl club. The soul train line was a dang bomb. We had so much fun we got to do it again soon . I was impressed with the bands performance . We had folks dancing all night that night . My drummer (Rolex ) earned his nick name that night. I love to see folks having fun with us . I guess it worked out and as far as I can tell everyone had fun . The Mgr Mr Alinda is already working on having us come back again in a few weeks . I am so proud to see Huntsville Al get a nigh life . Folks really need somewhere to go and something to do . I noticed some really fine people in there drinking and dancing , The security there does a pretty good job keeping the place clean of any low down action going on . Raven , the security guard he be handling things at the gate.

  The Holidays got here so fast that its amazing. Im gonna try to keep these guys working thru the end days of the year , Ill be glad to get some booking help and Mgt soon. 

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