100 Days of the Blues

  I've been thinking about things too long now its  time to do something about something. I sat downtown this evening in the entertainment district on the Hot Dog stand and watched Huntsvilles downtown night life trickle through . I don’t think folks actually know whats going on downtown . Its got to be a promotion thing . There was a band on the street on the west side of the courthouse with Jefferson street running right through the stage . The band on one side of the street and the folks on the other . I said," damn what were they thinking? No seats, other than sitting on the courthouse steps , but Its ok,

    The highlight of my day was writing a new song . I have finally  started to face this distribution thing head on and did my research on You tube. I'm aiming to release music . This is such a bold move to me to put my music out there . You see I am old school in my reasoning and Its hard go against my own reasoning. But so many folks ask me to open up an release music that I cant let them down.

  I decided to take the next 100 days and spend them in creative labor pushing to deliver my Blues to my friends and fans.  

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