Whistle Stop Festival looks like big success for Huntsville Al



Whistle Stop Festival attracted lots of people into downtown Huntsville tonight. Traffic was backed up for a long way as I was going into the city. I didn't know it was scheduled for for tonight. I had forgotten all about it.

   I'm going into downtown to play music on the square. I'm really excited that the City of Huntsville thought about me to invite me to come and play Blues down on the Square. I just wish they had told me about the Whistle Stop Festival so I could have left home earlier.


  “Autumn”, the new lady who did the booking was very helpful to me. She even helped me to unload my car and find a good parking spot right on in North side Square. They even provided a small stage right on the Square, I sat up next door to a couple of other vendors. There was room for a few people to sit.


 The people had a great time.  They clapped, danced, and had a lot of fun watching me. I love performing on the street, after all, I did that for about 6 years in the Bridge Street Town Center Mall. Since i started live streaming on Periscope I haven't done it as much. Periscope is sort of like street performing in some ways so I really don't miss it. But I do like being face-to-face with the people as much as possible.


  I'd like to thank the City of Huntsville for thinking of me and giving me a chance to come out and play. If I can ever do anything for them I don't mind. Huntsville is my hometown and they're doing the best they can to revive the old downtown district. Lots of fun thanks again.


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