How to earn more $BVIP Tokens ?

Hey there, awesome Blues Lover ! Wanna earn more $BVIP tokens? Here's your step-by-step guide: 

Step 1: Be a VIP Promoter.  VIPs like you can earn tokens by helping' spread the Blues. On social media, head to the "promo bin" page. Copy the pre-made promos and paste 'em all over your social accounts. Guess what? You'll get five tokens for each repost. That's like digital high-fives for spreading the word!  Take a screenshot of your post and post it into our Geneva Home Community  The screenshot is your receipt. That way, we all know you're rockin' the promo game for real! 

Step 2: Engage with Ric's Cool Content.  – you know, on TikTok, YouTube, and more. For each time you jump into a live stream, or repost you're grabbin' five tokens. It's like bein' rewarded for listening to awesome Blues music! 

Step 3: Bonus Tokens and Games? There might be some extra token fun through games and cool stuff like that. Keep an eye out for these chances to win even more tokens. 

Step 4: Spread the Love To Blues Friends and family?  Get them in on the fun! When you directly enroll friends into Ric's Fan Club, you both get a piece of the token pie – 25 tokens each. It's like sharin' the joy!  

Step 5: Check Your Email and Stay Engaged Your email's gonna be your secret token treasure chest. We'll drop bonus promotions there, so keep an eye on it. Plus, hang out with the fan community on PATREON and on GENEVA for bonus opportunities. Staying engaged is the key to more tokens and more fun! 

So, there you have it – your easy-peasy guide to scoring more $BVIP tokens, Let's do this !  spread the Blues .

Thanks for reading this :

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