Vanessa Hill, Starr Adkins, and ChickenBone Reunion New Yrs Eve 2014

Happy happy happy happy New Year everyone . Well all I can tell you is if you weren't there ,you missed it ... I got in about 4:00 AM this morning after playing a KILLER show at Suds Bar & Grill in Madison last night .. The show opened up with the lovely and very talented Vanessa Hill playing some really excellent folk tunes for us on her acoustic guitar to really set a nice melancholy mood for the start of the evening . I was able to shoot a little bit of video of Vanessa on my Android and they turned out pretty decent so I will have them posted on the ChickenBone Reunion Blues Band Facebook page a little later .After Vanessa Hill ,ChickenBone took the stage with the lovely Starr Adkins ..She did five songs with us and I have to say ,there was a lot of magic moments in a lot of what we did .."Straighten it out" ,one of the songs we did was just PURE MAGICAL BLISS and gave me chills to hear her sing it and to see how she was able to interact with the crowd and the band ,she is one class act that we will be looking forward to working with more here in the future ..Anyhow we ended her set With "Love Train " which turned into a pretty long improv jam with Ms. Starr continuing working her magic which made it so much fun for us ..Love Train is a fun song anyhow but when we did it last night ,it was the best we have done it yet .. After Starr Adkins ,We came on as The ChickenBone Reunion Trio and we did what we do which is doin it ChickenBone style and played two very good sets that just really seemed to gel very nicely dynamically and impovosationally.. Anyhow there was someone else at the show shooting video so be looking for that to be up on our Facebook page hopefully soon,ill be looking for it myself .. Things are really coming along very well and I see a lot of new doors and opportunities opening for 2014 .... I really think with a lot of hard work and perseverance , This is really going to take off this year as well as the opportunities opening up to get to work with some other really super talented artists and building something even more special than even we anticipated ... .. Anyhow we really appreciate all who came out last night ,we also appreciate Suds for having us out and appreciate Vanessa Hill and Starr Adkins participation in this event
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