On the clock again ?

      All of a sudden the weather changes and they move me inside. It’s a small room downstairs that I play in and there is a dance room upstairs. On Saturday nights I play there is usually a DJ there that starts his show at 10:00. When the music starts folks can hear both of us and that muddies the air. Sometimes they come over to me and say I wish they could turn that music down so we could hear your  Blues show. And I’m thinking some folks are saying that to him about my show. So I usually just stop playing and move into PR mode. I start socializing and chilling with the guest to move the time along rather than compete with the DJ.

  I got a call from the owner about stopping too early. They actually pay me to play a 3 hour show and I stopped early they said.  Why hell yeah, I can’t compete with that loud DJ and he for sure isn’t  going to quit because he just got started, so if he starts at 10 we need to do something. His Mgr Mr. Akinda had an idea to start my set earlier like 7 to 10. I think that would be better for all of us. So my first note is at 7:00 on Sat night right now at the Amandment 21 . I sure hope this works out because I don’t like to be sweat about my time ,after all that’s why I street perform , so that I can have my freedom and flexibility.  I don’t like to be stressed, it actually messes with my art to be performing while upset or got mixed emotions. I hope we got this worked out uptown. 


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