The Cry for Justice ring loud in Charlotte last night. I watched the tape of the protestors outside of the Vikings game in Charlotte North Carolina last night and it saddens me. Being a southern black man myself I understand the squeeze that race sometimes puts on us. I have been squeezed and pushed around at times in my life because of my skin. I've been denied opportunity and promotion because of my race. I have felt this pain or racism and I have seen its effects on  my friends over the years and I don't like it.  It's unfortunate that we have to grow to accept it as the normal and I'm glad to see people come together and unite against the sting of racism and Injustice.


I have a son who is 25 years old now. And my deepest concern is with him and his peers because they have no clue what racism looks like or who they are, they don't really understand what pre judgement is all about , they don't understand what Injustice is about. Most of the protesters I watch on television arel young people who feel the sting of the Injustice but they don't know what the bee looks like that stings them. it's tough to raise a child to be loving and accepting and at the same time teach that child against the sting of racism and hatred that can come at him simply because of the color of the skin.

 Racial Injustice is everywhere not just Charlotte. Is not new. And I don't think it will go away anytime soon. But it is a good thing to open dialogue and let's face it head-on. I would love to see in my lifetime or maybe your lifetime true equality came in the western world. Until then. Let's sing about it. What do you think about racism?

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