Happy 1 year Birthday to my cats

  Happy birthday to my cats. They are one year old this month. They have grown so  fast .They are both Tom cats . They're getting up in age now where they are licking on themselves and sniffing on each other. I guess it's time for them to be in heat. 

   Sometimes they go missing all day then they come back a day or so later. They've been great cats to have  here on the farm with me. They catch snakes and kill mice and they do what cats do. 

  They're really good at it. I'm really glad to have them so I don't mind feeding them. I feed them once in the morning and once in the evening. A handful of food. They are healthy, they feel good. And they look good. I'm really proud to have them. 

   My daughter acts like she's afraid of cats. And they don't get much love from anyone else around here. I even have a neighbor who claims to be afraid of my cats. I just tell them. They won't bother you. And I don't know how to lock them up. I've never known of anyone to lock a cat up. I couldn't do that. So I try to make them comfortable.

   Most of the time when I'm outside they hang around with me and they sleep through the day. I say they're living in the cat world. Sometimes I try to understand what they're thinking and see the world through their cat eyes. That's not easy to do. They think about things a little differently than I do. 

  I hope they eventually find a cat girlfriend or make some kittens in some way if they want to. They seem to be  looking around the community looking for love. Yep, I guess cats and everyone else is looking for love. 

  Hopefully someday they'll find something if they haven't already. In the meantime i'll just keep feeding them and taking care of them the best I can. Happy Birthday to the cats ! 

Do you have any cats ?