Knee Popping But I ain't Stopping


 I was out walking today. It was a beautiful day.

 I noticed a popping sound. I thought it was my shoe string popping on the ground. So I looked down and it wasn't my shoe strings. So I walked on a little farther, and I heard the sound again. I thought it was my shoe. So when I checked my shoe, the sound wasn't coming from my shoe. So I walked on further and realized that a popping sound was coming from my knee.

   It wasn't hurting, but it was popping just above the knee on my left leg. So I just kept walking. I didn't stop. I just kept on walking and listening to the pop. So I put my finger on my knee and pressed the spot where the popping noise seemed as if it was coming from. I could feel the muscles inside my leg popping. That was amazing. I walked on that way for a while. And eventually the popping stopped.

   I went on and completed my walk. By the time I got back home, it started popping again. It wasn't hurting, but there's something popping inside my thigh. I thought that was amazing. Kind of funny. I don't know if it's something that comes from getting older ?  I don't know.

    Have you ever known your body to make popping sounds before ?