Making videos terrifies me, but its a new day


 Reality TV never made much sense to me. Guess I'm old school. I remember when television programs had a script and a budget. This reality TV blows my friggin mind. It's bullshit to me . Video nowadays is hard to mess up. And if you do mess it up you can just delete it. Don't even need film anymore, no script .Just record and delete.  

   I've seen some quality stuff coming off a cell phone camera. It's amazing what technology has done. And apparently making videos is a good skill to have. I can see there's a demand for it. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube are like TV channels used to be . It’s possible to do well and make money if a person is willing to make videos. So as a skill it's a good one to have.  

   The pandemic has driven up the value and demand for video content . People locked down with not much else to do but consume video. It could be the news or just wanting to know the covid numbers for today in town. 

    I've heard it takes up five or more hours a day of the average person's watch time. Some people are spending four or five hours a day on TikTok. That's amazing. It's a big part of peoples life. 

    I need to face it head on and come to grips with my fears and things that are holding me back. I think one of the things that holds me back is for so long you couldn't make videos because the cost of the equipment was out of reach. So in the back of my mind I still have those apprehensions. But that's not true anymore. 

   Video is definitely a great teaching tool. Using video to teach and can be a time saver. Video keeps you from telling the same story over and over again. Hard to beat as a communication tool. But cost kept it out of reach for so long. Now everyone has a video camera.  

  Personally, I've just never gotten into it much. I make short videos and people say they liked my videos. I just never did much of it. I can remember when editing was done on a steenbeck editing table. 16 millimeter film or editing was done in a cutting room. To think that you could shoot video and edit it in the palm of your hand is a big stretch for me. But I'm stretching and it's time for me to get busy. So let's do some video. Here I come.

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