Crypto Chicken Wings yum yum


 Oh Noo I gained two pounds yesterday. How in the world did that happen? I know I had a good day yesterday. I met with Mr. Freeze over at the Coppertop. He is my good friend and guitar player. We had a great time talking.  

 I ordered lemon pepper chicken wings and fries. It was a good meal. I don't know how many wings it was, maybe six wings and some french fries, and I drank one glass of beer. Maybe that's where the two pounds came from. 

  Our meeting went well. We talked a about crypto and looked over some social token sites and talked about 

 NFT's and all this new crypto stuff. It was fun to meet up and talk about anything. Getting out of the house was really cool over at the Coppertop. Sometimes our band plays there.  

  When I got home I didn't remember eating anything else. But late last night I did find some more chicken wings my daughter had cooked in the refrigerator. I've only had one piece of bread. Whatever it was, it turned out to put two pounds on me.  

   Well today is another day. It's windy. I was debating whether or not to go walking this morning. Before I knew it, I was out walking against the wind. It felt good to walk against the wind, the wind was about to blow me over. I was stumbling. But I walked. It made me have to exert more. It turned out to be a good workout.  

   It's just good to be in the game and be able to move and do anything. I think that's a good start. My grandma always said.” to put it on your mind and it will get down to you behind”.  Have a great day. What you got on your mind?

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